STD Protection & Prevention

Sexually transmitted diseases are easily one of the more serious challenges we face as a society, potentially fatal. There’s such as high price to pay for socially and sexually irresponsible. Getting STD tested is not only required for one’s own benefit, but that of our mates, spouses friends, family and future contacts. There are generally 3 ways to go about getting tested for both curable and non-curable diseases. A traditional good old fashioned checkup will give you all the information you need and more. Sort of a blanket review of you over all health status. Many regular and irregular diseases, infections or conditions will come to the immediate attention of the physician and you will be notified promptly. The Standard checkup is a good way to check for common irregularities and symptoms or rare physical conditions, which may or may not warrant a more in-depth examination. But a standard checkup does a solid blanket search of serious ailments from hepatitis to diabetes and types of cancer. It’s for this reason that checkups can be horrifically expensive. And depending upon what the person is being checked for can run a bill clear into the thousands. (mri scans etc.) A standard checkup could cost up to a few hundred dollars depending. However many offices or clinics will perform free checkups from time to time. If you’re looking for a more in-depth examination, than you’re going to need insurance. When it comes to STD security and peace of mind this can be an issue for many of us. Over 80% of American citizens are far from the “American dream” and simply can’t afford top notch health coverage out of pocket.

People are complacent creatures by nature; it’s all too easy to get comfortable in routine and skepticism if there’s no immediate discomfort. “I’m probably alright, I’m sure it’s nothing serious.” Having no health insurance can act as a crutch of complacent. People may decide the matter is simple out of their hands. This is an expression of fear empowered by a fatally irresponsible mindset. Though however irresponsible it may be to embrace the dilemma, it is a dilemma none the less.

Therefore I highly recommend the following option. STD clinics and Pre-screened professionals dug up by the likes of ‘’ and STD Test Express. Scheduling an appointment is usually quick and affordable the results are immediate so you’re in and out. You have the rest of the day at your disposal. The final option would be the purchase of take home test kits. These can be pretty expensive depending what your testing for, however they have a high accuracy rating and are irrefutably convenient. Which is why I would consider this the overall best way to go about being tested, but only if your 100% certain your clean before purchasing them. With this option you aren’t limited to aftermath and potential damage proper precautions can be taken well beforehand and various social activities can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

Safety First

Additional Details:

 GetSTDTested: 888-338-7577 

  • Get Tested Today.  No appointment’s necessary, clinics are open until 5pm or later.
  • Highest accuracy with speedy results delivered within the next 3 days.
  • They brag having the most clinics available nationwide.  “4,000+ local facilities
  • The only company I`m aware of that offers At-home testing kits for select diseases, very convenient.
  • They also have on staff physicians you can talk to for free, however only after your test results.
  • All tests are confidential, no insurance reporting.  “No undressing”
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


STD Test Express: 877-743-1174 

  • Get Tested Today.  No appointment’s necessary
  • They brag having the most clinics available nationwide.  “4,000+ local facilities
  • All tests are confidential, no insurance reporting.
  • “A” rated by Better Business Bureau
  • Patient satisfaction guarantee

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