Residential Home Security

Residential home security is only one of many house hold concerns, but a serious one. Family safety is nothing to be taken for granted, or taken lightly. In fact the only thing worse than having no form of home security, is a false sense of security. Too often we assume just because nothing has happened yet, that nothing ever will. The chances are too slim. And that peoples is a terrible frame of mind, this world we inhabit is far from perfect. I cannot help but wonder, if people only knew how easy it is to break into a home, at night or in broad day. You’d be surprised how many locks can be picked with minimal fuss, you also want to be careful not to install a new lock on an old door, these can be kicked in. Roughly 7/10 windows are closed but left unlocked nightly. Backyard doors, external cellar entrances and garage doors can sometimes go months without being properly secured. Do not leave the security of your family and assists up to chance.

Each door in the home should have minimum two locks attached, older doors should be replaced or pad locked until replacement is possible. It may surprise some to know that the most difficult part of breaking and entering is getting into the right frame of mind needed to commit the act. Once legal concequence is rendered inconsequncial, performing the act is simple. For these kinds of perps, home owners have to take precaution.  Softly locked doors and windows go a long way in protecting the contents of you home. Depending on strength and durability levels bolt locks and various other forms of physical security can cost you ten to a couple hundred dollars. if you don’t mind spending a little money for security I highly recommend technological home systems and devices. Much of which can actually be purchased from hardware retailers however full on network security is hard to beat. These can be acquired by Signing up with security companies such as ‘Protect America’ or ‘ADT’. These Networks provide intricate protection, advance alarm installation and 360 home monitoring. A team of high-end video cameras stations in various locations. A system installed on the external perimeter of your home is an extremely effective way of keeping trouble at bay long before it becomes serious. Install cameras at the walk way, side entrances, windows and doors. Hidden cameras in the shrubs are also a good way to go. Internal camera placement if you chose to do so would include high traffic areas and children bed rooms. This unique technology is remarkably user-friendly and gives home owners control and perspective. The camera content is viewed via computer software that is installed in conjunction with the hardware. Subscribers can also access their home network via the internet or mobile ap. So whether on the road, at work, or on the other side of the world you can always check up on your home, family and assists.


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