Renovate Repair Reconstruct Replace

Home Renovation is truly a vast topic, maybe best broken down in to room renovation. And from there you should decide if you wish to install something new, repair something old or tear an entire room down entirely and design from scratch. The Next choice to consider would be whether to hire a contractor professional or do it yourself.

If you should choose to do it yourself then there is much to consider. What and where will the deconstructions or reconstruction occur? It’s imperative that you determine a budget and with it factor in cost of supplies and general equipment. Gear (over all’s, boots, belts) Materials and Educational Reference media (how to DVDS). You will also be required to establish a budget of time. A beginning and end date will help keep you motivated organized enough to keep on task. From there you’ll want to establish a rigorous yet realistic daily work regimen. I cannot stress the importance of keeping a realistic schedule. Once you slack on the first day it’ll be easier to fall off task in the future, so do not let your ambition cloud your better judgment. Construct a work schedule fashioned around you work, family and personal time. Chip away at the job bit by bit until the Job is complete. Kitchen, Bathroom, Living or dining area. No matter what the task. ‘DIY’ execution should remain relatively the same.

Personally I would recommend hiring a contractor or renovation specialist. In some cases you may be able to assist the construct in order to save on construction costs. I find it might be best to find a construction referral company who can match you with the best possible contractor. These services work from state to state, so even if you plan to move you can plan ahead. Service Magic Specializes in finding prescreened professionals in just about every field imaginable, even event planning and catering. Another Viable option is The SEARS Home Improvement service. They Specialize in general home repair, installation, replacement and design.

Embark on these missions with fiscal, chronological responsibility and of course the utmost safety. Happy Renovating

Additional Information:


Sears Home Improvement

  • Kitchen & All other Cabinets & Counter Tops – 888-653-0919
  • Windows – 888-652-5839
  • Siding – 888-571-5203
  • Roofing – 888-869-5356

They have installations in just about every area imaginable which you can be directed to from any of the listed numbers. These are only the services I have had experience with.

Replacement Parts:

You may or may not have the best luck looking for replacement parts via Sears or Home Depot. Experiences in this area may vary depending on item and regional availability. If this is an issue for you than a specialized website may be your best bet.

Though I have NO experience with the following 2 sites I have made mental notes to give them a try when needed.

Both sites have an impressive selection of replacement items for doors & windows.

And of course you never what you’ll find @, always worth a shot.



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One Response to Renovate Repair Reconstruct Replace

  1. steve says:

    need to find vinyl white sliding window latch. Hs-R20-95×95 series 480/680 HS mfctr code MTL-2.. I busted the white latch in middle , side of the sliding window..where do I get one? on the inside glass panels there is also a name.. DuraSeal L9 042407. the latchm just pivots up or down and has 2 screws. my phone is 4024904600 steve

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