The Battle for Video on Demand Supremacy.

As trends go, it’s only natural that viral outreach will be determined by the success of its origin. Once the path of the recently unknown has been ventured and proven prolific, the once timid and apprehensive on either side of supply and demand flock to the revolution. Most trends rarely change in nature, whether Social, economic, political, or in this case technological.

We’re long past the days of VHS cassette rentals at Hollywood Video, and it’s only a matter of time before Video on Demand (VOD) and The Red Box evaporate dvd rentals at Blockbuster. In the early millennium, phrases such as “Video on Demand” applied mostly to TiVo and digital cable subscribers. Now only a few years later VOD has seem to evolve into “Instant Video”. We the people have so many varying avenues of full length video entertainment at our disposal its nauseating, but in the best possible way. We can choose to have dvds sent to our homes via mail. We can indulge in Instantaneous top tier hd movie rentals and purchase, or of course gain unlimited access to many of our favorite TV shows. Throughout this article I’m going to do a quick rundown on many of the most popular VOD avenues available and help you decide which is best for you.


                Here consumers have the option of dvd rentals as well as Instant video stream.


  • Only $8.00 a month for unlimited access to entire stream library.
  • Unlimited content includes dvd release as recent as early to mid-2011.
  • Television Library is extensive; enjoy your favorite series seasons at a time.
  • Highly accessible. hdtv, game console, web and mobile ready.
  • Streams in HD.


  • Movie collection lacks, modern blockbusters are few and far.
  • A hand full of episodes may be missing out of a “complete” television series.


Originally a premium cable television channel EPIX branched out into the Instant Video field.


  • Highly accessible. hdtv, game console, web and mobile ready.
  • Cable television channel
  • Streams in HD.
  • Extras’ section features new trailers and Interviews.


  • Movie selection is severely limited. In fact many of their most recent blockbusters were highlights of 2009-2010. Not All but many.
  • No television shows
  • Actual Subscription fee is well hidden, this s never a good thing.


Well known for its vast assortment of television content. HULU also hosts a plethora of vintage movies and popular clips from hit television shows.


  • Only $8.00 a month
  • Highly accessible. hdtv, game console, web and mobile ready.
  • Unlimited content includes a wide variety of movies
  • Shows and Movies available to free users with restrictions.
  • Television Library is arguably more extensive than even Netflix, minus consistency in season updates
  • enjoy your favorite series seasons at a time. (Inconsistent)
  • Streams in HD
  • Anime Fans have an even greater selection to choose from compared to Netflix. This category  is also free to view.



  • Number of classic and foreign titles greatly outweighs their modern movie picks.
  • All content may or may not be available depending on the method used to view. For   example the Xbox 360 app simply doesn’t have access to every show; whereas Netflix gives you unlimited access on all platforms and devices.


          Recently even the corporate giant has thrown its hat into the instant video arena.


  • Comes standard with an Amazon prime account.


  • Selections are quite limited.
  • Need an Amazon Prime account.



  • Tons of Movie and television content Free of charge.
  • They Actually carry episodes of Seinfeld (x10)
  • Anime and Special interest promotion.
  • Convenient pop out video browser for web view
  • Now Available on Xbox Live.


  • TV selections are random and limited
  • Limited platform capability

Wrap Up

          From personal experience, as well as my own interests I would say Netflix is probably your safest bet. However Hulu comes in close second and is actually better in some aspects.  I should mention if you have no interest in settling for older movies be sure to look into the following.

  • iTunes
  • HBO GO
  • Verizon Fios

All feature top tier content reasonably priced for either sale or rental. So that’s about this size of it, this branch of the entertainment industry is relatively new and ever changing. The low man on the totem pole this week could wind up number one VOD provider by the end of 2012. In the end only the people and our diverse interests can truly determine the victor of The Battle for VOD Supremacy.

My Recommendations for Cable or satellite television

DIRECTV: 877-918-9031  

  • Offers Satellite. Phone & and internet bundles

Dish Network:  888-641-5357  

  • For those who want clean and simple satellite TV for the most reasonable prices.

About jonpsyfour

I sample various services and products to give the consumer a heads up, so you can then make the most informed decision.
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