STD Protection & Prevention

Sexually transmitted diseases are easily one of the more serious challenges we face as a society, potentially fatal. There’s such as high price to pay for socially and sexually irresponsible. Getting STD tested is not only required for one’s own benefit, but that of our mates, spouses friends, family and future contacts. There are generally 3 ways to go about getting tested for both curable and non-curable diseases. A traditional good old fashioned checkup will give you all the information you need and more. Sort of a blanket review of you over all health status. Many regular and irregular diseases, infections or conditions will come to the immediate attention of the physician and you will be notified promptly. The Standard checkup is a good way to check for common irregularities and symptoms or rare physical conditions, which may or may not warrant a more in-depth examination. But a standard checkup does a solid blanket search of serious ailments from hepatitis to diabetes and types of cancer. It’s for this reason that checkups can be horrifically expensive. And depending upon what the person is being checked for can run a bill clear into the thousands. (mri scans etc.) A standard checkup could cost up to a few hundred dollars depending. However many offices or clinics will perform free checkups from time to time. If you’re looking for a more in-depth examination, than you’re going to need insurance. When it comes to STD security and peace of mind this can be an issue for many of us. Over 80% of American citizens are far from the “American dream” and simply can’t afford top notch health coverage out of pocket.

People are complacent creatures by nature; it’s all too easy to get comfortable in routine and skepticism if there’s no immediate discomfort. “I’m probably alright, I’m sure it’s nothing serious.” Having no health insurance can act as a crutch of complacent. People may decide the matter is simple out of their hands. This is an expression of fear empowered by a fatally irresponsible mindset. Though however irresponsible it may be to embrace the dilemma, it is a dilemma none the less.

Therefore I highly recommend the following option. STD clinics and Pre-screened professionals dug up by the likes of ‘’ and STD Test Express. Scheduling an appointment is usually quick and affordable the results are immediate so you’re in and out. You have the rest of the day at your disposal. The final option would be the purchase of take home test kits. These can be pretty expensive depending what your testing for, however they have a high accuracy rating and are irrefutably convenient. Which is why I would consider this the overall best way to go about being tested, but only if your 100% certain your clean before purchasing them. With this option you aren’t limited to aftermath and potential damage proper precautions can be taken well beforehand and various social activities can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

Safety First

Additional Details:

 GetSTDTested: 888-338-7577 

  • Get Tested Today.  No appointment’s necessary, clinics are open until 5pm or later.
  • Highest accuracy with speedy results delivered within the next 3 days.
  • They brag having the most clinics available nationwide.  “4,000+ local facilities
  • The only company I`m aware of that offers At-home testing kits for select diseases, very convenient.
  • They also have on staff physicians you can talk to for free, however only after your test results.
  • All tests are confidential, no insurance reporting.  “No undressing”
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


STD Test Express: 877-743-1174 

  • Get Tested Today.  No appointment’s necessary
  • They brag having the most clinics available nationwide.  “4,000+ local facilities
  • All tests are confidential, no insurance reporting.
  • “A” rated by Better Business Bureau
  • Patient satisfaction guarantee
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Payroll & Accounting Services: The Small business Resource

Running a small business or any size business for that matter can be a daunting task it’s all too important for the owner to overlook every detail in place priorities in their proper order. From employee benefits to holiday business hours all thing s must go into deep consideration and planning months if not years before crunch time planning ahead can save copious amounts money time and energy. By simply opening yup an excel spreadsheet document and keeping record of a few simple items of information  you have made leaps and bounds on the road to business success. The Cost of merchandise, employee rates, benefits all need to be documented. What are you advertising costs? What are your market research costs? How much do you spend annually, is there a surplus? If so how can you continue to optimize for maximum efficiency. How much do you earn annually and who handles your tax information?

For matters such as these one might wish to consider accounting software to balance their numbers. That is of course if you don’t mind getting hands on with these matters, you may also get the urge to hire someone to deal with all of the accounting software. However depending how much you’re willing to compensate it may actually me less expensive and more efficient to subscribe to an accounting/payroll/hr. service. There are quite a few of these companies floating around out there and it seems different payroll companies specialize in 3 main categories of client.

Large corporations fortune 500 types, mid-sized organizations and small business. If you happen to fit into that last category, depending on just how small your business is you may just be able to get away with accounting software and call it a day. That is however if your business is very small. But if the numbers tell you it’s time to expand you might want to consider out sourcing your accounting work to a company by the likes of Paychex Payroll processing  who specializing in accounting work for small to mid-sized businesses. This company alone will handle all payroll processing to employees, tax records and w-2 information. Paychex also provides your human recourses for those who just don’t wish to be bothered.

As a business owner the pressure may rarely subside. The corporate world is one that demands its inhabitants are fast efficient, creative and organized.

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Renovate Repair Reconstruct Replace

Home Renovation is truly a vast topic, maybe best broken down in to room renovation. And from there you should decide if you wish to install something new, repair something old or tear an entire room down entirely and design from scratch. The Next choice to consider would be whether to hire a contractor professional or do it yourself.

If you should choose to do it yourself then there is much to consider. What and where will the deconstructions or reconstruction occur? It’s imperative that you determine a budget and with it factor in cost of supplies and general equipment. Gear (over all’s, boots, belts) Materials and Educational Reference media (how to DVDS). You will also be required to establish a budget of time. A beginning and end date will help keep you motivated organized enough to keep on task. From there you’ll want to establish a rigorous yet realistic daily work regimen. I cannot stress the importance of keeping a realistic schedule. Once you slack on the first day it’ll be easier to fall off task in the future, so do not let your ambition cloud your better judgment. Construct a work schedule fashioned around you work, family and personal time. Chip away at the job bit by bit until the Job is complete. Kitchen, Bathroom, Living or dining area. No matter what the task. ‘DIY’ execution should remain relatively the same.

Personally I would recommend hiring a contractor or renovation specialist. In some cases you may be able to assist the construct in order to save on construction costs. I find it might be best to find a construction referral company who can match you with the best possible contractor. These services work from state to state, so even if you plan to move you can plan ahead. Service Magic Specializes in finding prescreened professionals in just about every field imaginable, even event planning and catering. Another Viable option is The SEARS Home Improvement service. They Specialize in general home repair, installation, replacement and design.

Embark on these missions with fiscal, chronological responsibility and of course the utmost safety. Happy Renovating

Additional Information:


Sears Home Improvement

  • Kitchen & All other Cabinets & Counter Tops – 888-653-0919
  • Windows – 888-652-5839
  • Siding – 888-571-5203
  • Roofing – 888-869-5356

They have installations in just about every area imaginable which you can be directed to from any of the listed numbers. These are only the services I have had experience with.

Replacement Parts:

You may or may not have the best luck looking for replacement parts via Sears or Home Depot. Experiences in this area may vary depending on item and regional availability. If this is an issue for you than a specialized website may be your best bet.

Though I have NO experience with the following 2 sites I have made mental notes to give them a try when needed.

Both sites have an impressive selection of replacement items for doors & windows.

And of course you never what you’ll find @, always worth a shot.


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Forms of Insurance

In society various forms of insurance are required for us, and those around us to maintain some sense of peace and comfort ability. Assurance that if something were to go horribly wrong in any particular area of our lives God forbid, we would be as prepared as possible. Your Car gets totaled, Thiers a death in the family, critical illness strikes with debilitating home damage and a tooth infection. Now that’s one hell of a week but most fortunately these occurrences are usually spread further apart. There Many forms of insurance coverage for various catastrophes. But out of then all one form reigns more prevalent than the others. You guessed it, Auto insurance. It makes sense when you consider, a person can live without life insurance, they had just better not die. 16 year olds are not homeowners nor are they eligible to receive medical or dental coverage on their own. A car however cannot be driven legally without some form of insurance coverage protecting the driver and the general public. Teen Driving coverage is covers a higher risk faction of society, so it’s more essential which makes is more expensive right? Considering what you’re paying for the likelihood of an unfortunate occurrence. Those of us with less driving ability and generally viewed as less responsible members of society are much more likely to cost an insurance company a lot of money in damage control. Liken it to a 95 year old male suffering of cancer.

But none the less we must be protected. Allstate auto has an impressive teen driving program with competitive rates. For new drivers esurance probably has the lowest rates whereas Liberty Mutual Deals less with risk all together, and more with reward Incentives for quality drivers. Accidents are a part of life and they will happen. Whether you’re knocking the sugar bowl off of the counter top or running a red light, it’s inevitable. There are too many variables and factors that vary from driver to driver to say which is the best deal from the best distributer. But you should probably begin by asking yourself how accidents prone are you in your day to day?

It may seem trite or inconsequential0 but understanding these little things about ourselves could make the difference between a $100.00 policy and a $250.00. I’m sure you can think of things you’d rather be doing with that $1,800.00. Now I don’t want to get off topic, back to the question at hand. Are you a safe driver bonus kind of driver or an accident forgiveness kind of driver? The car replacement package actually strikes me as something all drivers should probably be interested in as it covers you in faultless unavoidable road mishaps. But the good news is trying to choose which plans to sign up for isn’t the consumer’s biggest concern. Since competing agencies are competing on the same road, many polices are merely duplicates of the other. If Progressive constructs some ground breaking policy within a month Allstate will have it or something like it. They probably won’t even bother to change the name. Therefore all we really have to do is price match. And cash in on those free quotes. Until you find the right coverage for you and your family. Safe Driving

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Residential Home Security

Residential home security is only one of many house hold concerns, but a serious one. Family safety is nothing to be taken for granted, or taken lightly. In fact the only thing worse than having no form of home security, is a false sense of security. Too often we assume just because nothing has happened yet, that nothing ever will. The chances are too slim. And that peoples is a terrible frame of mind, this world we inhabit is far from perfect. I cannot help but wonder, if people only knew how easy it is to break into a home, at night or in broad day. You’d be surprised how many locks can be picked with minimal fuss, you also want to be careful not to install a new lock on an old door, these can be kicked in. Roughly 7/10 windows are closed but left unlocked nightly. Backyard doors, external cellar entrances and garage doors can sometimes go months without being properly secured. Do not leave the security of your family and assists up to chance.

Each door in the home should have minimum two locks attached, older doors should be replaced or pad locked until replacement is possible. It may surprise some to know that the most difficult part of breaking and entering is getting into the right frame of mind needed to commit the act. Once legal concequence is rendered inconsequncial, performing the act is simple. For these kinds of perps, home owners have to take precaution.  Softly locked doors and windows go a long way in protecting the contents of you home. Depending on strength and durability levels bolt locks and various other forms of physical security can cost you ten to a couple hundred dollars. if you don’t mind spending a little money for security I highly recommend technological home systems and devices. Much of which can actually be purchased from hardware retailers however full on network security is hard to beat. These can be acquired by Signing up with security companies such as ‘Protect America’ or ‘ADT’. These Networks provide intricate protection, advance alarm installation and 360 home monitoring. A team of high-end video cameras stations in various locations. A system installed on the external perimeter of your home is an extremely effective way of keeping trouble at bay long before it becomes serious. Install cameras at the walk way, side entrances, windows and doors. Hidden cameras in the shrubs are also a good way to go. Internal camera placement if you chose to do so would include high traffic areas and children bed rooms. This unique technology is remarkably user-friendly and gives home owners control and perspective. The camera content is viewed via computer software that is installed in conjunction with the hardware. Subscribers can also access their home network via the internet or mobile ap. So whether on the road, at work, or on the other side of the world you can always check up on your home, family and assists.

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The Dentist: Pain then Agony

I have been meaning to get this off my chest for quite some time now. It’s true that a good dentist is hard to find, but for many of us this is only half the battle. Let’s be honest unless your insurance covers full on sedation I severely doubt any of us can we actually enjoy visits to the dentist. X-rays being by far the most frequent procedure, are a prerequisite to every dental operation imaginable. Oral surgeons need to know the field well before game time. You generally won’t find too many offices charging more than $25.00 to $30.00 per session.

From this point the sky’s the limit.  What it comes down to of course is whatever operation the pending patent is in need of. Dose he or she require a cleaning, standard repair, advanced repair, extraction, critical operation or daily maintenance. This is where things being to get a little harry. Spacers generally range from $130.00 to $300.00. Unless your scheduled for a routine cavity cleaning and depending on how many teeth are to be clear this procedure can land you well into the hundreds. Inlay and only procedures certainly up the scale, beginning at around $450.00 and ending at $730.00 roughly. Crown installments are next in place coming in at over $800, and its somewhere around this point where the option of paying for anything out of pocket is out of the question.

Most regular operations don’t usually go over the $850.00 wall. I would say your home free if not for procedures like an a condylectomy. These routines can be prices as high as a used vehicle, and a good one at that. Going to the dentist is just a painful hellish experience in general. Being uninsured and stuck with a $3500.00 bill is an agony no amount of Novocain can numb. So choose you oral surgeons wisely. And if discounts are what you crave, don’t rule out the dental program at your local college or university.

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The Battle for Video on Demand Supremacy.

As trends go, it’s only natural that viral outreach will be determined by the success of its origin. Once the path of the recently unknown has been ventured and proven prolific, the once timid and apprehensive on either side of supply and demand flock to the revolution. Most trends rarely change in nature, whether Social, economic, political, or in this case technological.

We’re long past the days of VHS cassette rentals at Hollywood Video, and it’s only a matter of time before Video on Demand (VOD) and The Red Box evaporate dvd rentals at Blockbuster. In the early millennium, phrases such as “Video on Demand” applied mostly to TiVo and digital cable subscribers. Now only a few years later VOD has seem to evolve into “Instant Video”. We the people have so many varying avenues of full length video entertainment at our disposal its nauseating, but in the best possible way. We can choose to have dvds sent to our homes via mail. We can indulge in Instantaneous top tier hd movie rentals and purchase, or of course gain unlimited access to many of our favorite TV shows. Throughout this article I’m going to do a quick rundown on many of the most popular VOD avenues available and help you decide which is best for you.


                Here consumers have the option of dvd rentals as well as Instant video stream.


  • Only $8.00 a month for unlimited access to entire stream library.
  • Unlimited content includes dvd release as recent as early to mid-2011.
  • Television Library is extensive; enjoy your favorite series seasons at a time.
  • Highly accessible. hdtv, game console, web and mobile ready.
  • Streams in HD.


  • Movie collection lacks, modern blockbusters are few and far.
  • A hand full of episodes may be missing out of a “complete” television series.


Originally a premium cable television channel EPIX branched out into the Instant Video field.


  • Highly accessible. hdtv, game console, web and mobile ready.
  • Cable television channel
  • Streams in HD.
  • Extras’ section features new trailers and Interviews.


  • Movie selection is severely limited. In fact many of their most recent blockbusters were highlights of 2009-2010. Not All but many.
  • No television shows
  • Actual Subscription fee is well hidden, this s never a good thing.


Well known for its vast assortment of television content. HULU also hosts a plethora of vintage movies and popular clips from hit television shows.


  • Only $8.00 a month
  • Highly accessible. hdtv, game console, web and mobile ready.
  • Unlimited content includes a wide variety of movies
  • Shows and Movies available to free users with restrictions.
  • Television Library is arguably more extensive than even Netflix, minus consistency in season updates
  • enjoy your favorite series seasons at a time. (Inconsistent)
  • Streams in HD
  • Anime Fans have an even greater selection to choose from compared to Netflix. This category  is also free to view.



  • Number of classic and foreign titles greatly outweighs their modern movie picks.
  • All content may or may not be available depending on the method used to view. For   example the Xbox 360 app simply doesn’t have access to every show; whereas Netflix gives you unlimited access on all platforms and devices.


          Recently even the corporate giant has thrown its hat into the instant video arena.


  • Comes standard with an Amazon prime account.


  • Selections are quite limited.
  • Need an Amazon Prime account.



  • Tons of Movie and television content Free of charge.
  • They Actually carry episodes of Seinfeld (x10)
  • Anime and Special interest promotion.
  • Convenient pop out video browser for web view
  • Now Available on Xbox Live.


  • TV selections are random and limited
  • Limited platform capability

Wrap Up

          From personal experience, as well as my own interests I would say Netflix is probably your safest bet. However Hulu comes in close second and is actually better in some aspects.  I should mention if you have no interest in settling for older movies be sure to look into the following.

  • iTunes
  • HBO GO
  • Verizon Fios

All feature top tier content reasonably priced for either sale or rental. So that’s about this size of it, this branch of the entertainment industry is relatively new and ever changing. The low man on the totem pole this week could wind up number one VOD provider by the end of 2012. In the end only the people and our diverse interests can truly determine the victor of The Battle for VOD Supremacy.

My Recommendations for Cable or satellite television

DIRECTV: 877-918-9031  

  • Offers Satellite. Phone & and internet bundles

Dish Network:  888-641-5357  

  • For those who want clean and simple satellite TV for the most reasonable prices.
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